The City is focused on minimizing traffic and parking impacts in the new development. All design options are being studied and decisions will not be determined until the concept plan is further studied and analyzed. Here’s what we’re working on:
Parking aerial
Parking terrace
An existing conditions traffic report has been performed to measure current traffic volumes. A traffic study to model the proposed concept plan and its integration into the surrounding area will occur this fall/winter. Once these findings are prepared, the City will discuss the results, including proposed infrastructure and traffic calming measures with adjacent neighborhoods.
Pre-Existing Conditions Study

Our goal is to preserve the charm of neighborhoods like Owen Brown Street by using traffic calming techniques throughout the project. Numerous options are being considered, however, infrastructure and traffic calming solutions will not be determined until the study has been completed.  
A parking study will occur this fall/winter to determine the parking needs of the Phase II project. In addition to Phase II, the consultant will study the current parking conditions of Historic Main Street and First and Main. Parking management strategies and infrastructure needs will be determined to create a unified parking system for downtown. 

Innovation will play a key role in the future of parking downtown, as the City studies parking management systems that allow for real-time monitoring of available spaces and expanded technology tools for visitors. 
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