Deer Hunting

2016-2017 Ohio Deer Hunting Season
September 24, 2016 - February 5, 2017

Controlled deer hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow is permitted during the State of Ohio deer season. Bow hunting is permitted on areas of at least five acres. Both the landowner and the hunter must have a Hudson hunting permit to hunt on any property in Hudson. A landowner does not need a permit to allow people to hunt on his land, providing his land meets the requirements set forth in the Hudson Ordinance.

Only bow and arrow and crossbow and bolt are permitted and must meet the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s regulations on draw weight. Hunting must be done from a tree stand at least 8 feet above the ground. Firearms are prohibited, and only deer may be hunted.

Hunters must complete all necessary agreements with the landowner and purchase all necessary State of Ohio hunting licenses and permits. Hunters must also complete the archery proficiency test at Gander Mountain in Twinsburg using a target provided by the City. There is no fee for a Hudson hunting permit. Hunters must comply with regulations and guidelines listed by the Ohio Division of Wildlife and by the City of Hudson.

Hunting requirements and restrictions, harvest information, tagging information, along with permit information, are available at the Hudson Police Department, 36 S. Oviatt Street, Hudson, Ohio, beginning Monday, August 1, 2016 or online through the links below. Submit the completed permit application forms at the Hudson Police Station. The Police Department will issue permits as quickly as possible, but permits might not be issued on the same day the forms are returned.

Deer Hunter Permit Information

Deer Hunter Permit Application Packet
Deer Hunter Target
FAQs for Deer Hunters

Landowner Information

Landowner as Hunter Permit Application Packet
Deer Hunter Target
FAQs for Landowners

Checking Your Deer

1) The State of Ohio, per ODNR rules, requires the checking of deer. Information about the State requirements for checking deer is available on their website: Wild Ohio Customer Center.

2) Hudson also requires a separate check, which can be done online using this Deer Check Form or by completing the form enclosed in the deer hunting permit packet and returning it to the Hudson Police Station. You also may check a deer by phone (330-342-1800). The separate check allows Hudson officials the ability to gauge the efficacy of the deer management program, as the State of Ohio only breaks down deer harvest by county, not by municipality.