Asphalt Resurfacing Program

Project Description

The Asphalt Resurfacing Program is a yearly project that aims to improve roadways throughout the City. Roads are selected for the project based on a rating system, with roads receiving the poorest ratings targeted for improvement. Residents are notified before work begins, if their street is involved in the project.

The 2016 Asphalt Resurfacing Program was awarded to:
Ronyak Paving, Inc.
14376 N. Cheshire St.
Burton, OH 44021
(440) 834-1988 office
(440) 834-1989 fax
2016 Asphalt Resurfacing Bid Tabulation

City of Hudson Contact Information:
Charles Schnoor, Construction Coordinator
(330) 342-1770 office

Street Selection Process

The City of Hudson utilizes the Ohio Department of Transportation Pavement Condition Rating System to rate the streets. The City attempts to rate all asphalt streets every two years. This system provides a rating system from 0 - 100 (100 being the best). Most streets in the City that are scheduled to be resurfaced or reconstructed fall within a range of a 30-55 rating. Streets with the worst ratings get put to the top of the list.

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