Velocity Broadband - High Speed Built for Hudson

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Connecting Businesses, FASTER.

Hudson is one of the first Gigabit cities in Ohio, offering high-speed fiber-optic broadband to local businesses like yours. This investment will power your growth with faster, stronger and more reliable Internet services at a more affordable rates than you're currently paying. And, because of high community demand, we’re building out our 100% fiber-optic system more quickly than ever.  It's starting in Hudson, but it's going to transform your world.

Why High-Speed Fiber Broadband for Your Business?  

With Velocity Broadband, businesses will be able to connect, download and communicate faster and with fewer interruptions. The end result is a system that's faster than anything currently available in Hudson today, helping businesses save money and operate more efficiently.

Why is the City Providing this Service?    

After conversations with many Hudson businesses, the common need that arose was faster and more reliable Internet services so businesses can compete in today's high-speed, data-driven world. After approaching several current Internet providers in the City, we found that they could not make the investment necessary to provide faster service in Hudson. 


  1. City of Hudson
    115 Executive Parkway, Suite 400
    Hudson, Ohio 44236
    (330) 342-9544

    24/7 Outage Line
    (330) 342-9544

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Building the Network.   

Velocity Broadband is being built using a “design-build” process, where sections of the network are designed and built as the project progresses, allowing us to adapt to changing conditions. In some instances we must bore underground, while in other areas we will be running the fiber overhead. 

When Can I Get Velocity Broadband in My Business?


We have successfully completed our beta program, and have connected many businesses in the Boston Mills/Executive Parkway area, Milford Road and ACME areas. If your business is located in this area and you haven't signed up for our high-speed Internet service, what are you waiting for? Call us now to scheduled installation and get started! 
Call us at (330) 342-9544.

We just finished laying the fiber for the Downtown / First and Main area, so now is the time to sign up for the faster Internet service in the City. We're also starting to run our fiber network along the SR 91 Corridor and will be connecting businesses along SR 91, Georgetown to the southern border. Sign up now and save on your installation fee. Not to mention your costs will be equal or much lower that what you're paying now for speeds faster than anything currently available in Hudson.

How do I Sign Up My Business?