City Services

  1. Animal / Insect Control

  2. Bid Postings / RFPs

  3. Cemeteries

    Hudson maintains and operates five municipal cemeteries.

  4. Communications / News

    Find city publications, news and updates, public records, and information about special events in Hudson.

  5. Construction Projects

  6. Citizen Engagement

    Hudson offers many ways for citizens to engage in local government.

  7. Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club

    Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club, considered by many to be one of the finest public courses in Ohio, is a beautifully manicured 18-hole course that is challenging to all skill levels.

  8. Emergency Preparedness

    Hudson prepares for emergencies in a number of ways.

  9. EMS

    Staffed predominately by community volunteers and supported by a staff of full and part-time career personnel, EMS provides full, advanced life support transport ambulance service to the City of Hudson.

  10. Engineering

    Engineering is responsible for major road and infrastructure projects, design and construction.

  11. Fire

    The mission of the Hudson Fire Department is to preserve and protect the lives and property of the community by maintaining a high standard of training with regard to the health, safety, and professionalism of our personnel.

  12. Green Initiatives

  13. Hudson Community TV

    View Hudson Community Television schedules and find out how to order an announcement.

  14. Human Resources

    Apply for a job in the City of Hudson.

  15. Leaf Collection

  16. Maps

  17. Parks

    Locate parks and facilities in the City of Hudson.

  18. Police

    information about divisions and units, juvenile programs / curfews, police records, safety tips, and services and programs.

  19. Report a Concern

  20. Sewer

    City of Hudson is served by Summit County DOES for sanitary sewer services.

  21. Snow & Ice Control

    View the responsibilities of the snow and ice control operation in the City of Hudson.

  22. Special Events

  23. Stormwater Management

    Hudson is embarking on an aggressive storm water management action plan.

  24. Street Maintenance

    Acquire information about the Street Maintenance Division of Hudson.

  25. Trash / Recycling

  26. Urban Forestry

  27. Utilities

    Find contact information for the utility services in the Hudson area.

  28. Velocity Broadband

    Fast, reliable, affordable internet for businesses provided by the City of Hudson.

  29. Zoning

    The Department of Community Development can assist citizens of Hudson develop property, alter the exterior appearance of a house or building, erect a sign, or construct an accessory structure in a yard.