Community Development


The Department of Community Development can assist citizens of Hudson develop property, alter the exterior appearance of a house or building, erect a sign, or construct an accessory structure in a yard. For each of these activities one must apply to the City of Hudson for a zoning certificate before applying for a building permit from Summit County.


The purpose of the Department of Community Development is to preserve and enhance Hudson's character and quality of life by administering the city's adopted development codes and regulations. Our department receives applications for Hudson's development review boards and assists applicants through the approval process. We provide guidance to residents and businesses requesting information related to property, zoning, and development issues. Additionally, we ensure continued compliance with the established ordinances and regulations. 

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code contains all of the adopted standards, regulations, and procedures about development in Hudson. For your use, this site contains summary information for each type of application. Please phone, visit, or email us once you have read these items and had an introduction to this process.