Manor Drive Water & Storm Sewer Improvements

The Manor Drive Water Improvement project will replace a failing, 60-year-old water line in the Manor Drive right of way.  The work will be done between E. Streetsboro Road to the cul-de-sac at the southerly end of the road. The waterline has experienced a number of breaks causing disruptions in service. In addition to replacing the water line, the City will provide a new storm sewer system. When the waterline and storm sewer work is completed, the road will be repaired and resurfaced.


Update 7/10/17: Due to resident concerns regarding impacts to trees on Manor Drive, the tree pruning/root cutting work for the project has been postponed. The City is evaluating alternate layouts for the project that could address these concerns within the project budget. We will present the results of our re-evaluation of the project at a public meeting to be scheduled soon.

Contact Information:

Should you have any questions or comments, please review the project's Frequently Asked Questions or contact:
Bradley S. Kosco, P.E., P.S., Assistant City Engineer
Phone: (330) 342-1770

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