How will the Phase II development be sensitive in scale and design to surrounding neighborhoods?
The successful First and Main Development (Phase I) overcame unique challenges as the project was directly abutting the National Register Historic District. The Phase II project requires the same attention to design although it is somewhat more removed as it is further west and separated from the Historic District by Brandywine Creek, adjacent development, and Morse Road. Additionally, the development area is downhill from the rest of downtown, approximately twenty feet lower in grade than Main Street.

Testa Companies and the City continue to study compatible scale with surrounding development. Initial design considerations included three and four-story buildings. Based on further site analysis and the public feedback received, the scale has been reduced to two and three-story buildings. Specific attention will be paid to the architectural design and massing at the perimeter of the site adjacent to Owen Brown Street and the Villas of Hudson to ensure compatible scale and transition to existing residences.

Click here for the Downtown Building Height Study.

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1. How will the Phase II development be sensitive in scale and design to surrounding neighborhoods?
2. Why is the project incorporating rental units and single-level housing units within multistory buildings?
3. What mix of uses are being proposed?
4. Is the proposed development desired and viable within the local market?
5. How will the proposed project traffic be addressed? What about existing traffic concerns including the narrow Owen Brown Street rail underpass and the adjacent residential neighborhood on Owen Brown?
6. How will stormwater from the project be addressed and how might it impact surrounding areas?
7. How will the proposed development be sensitive to environmental protections?
8. How will parking be accommodated for the proposed development and how will it impact the existing downtown?
9. What is the proposed timeline for the development project?