Charter Review Commission


The next meetings of the Charter Review Commission will be held in 2020.  All meetings will be open to the public.


At its meeting on January 21, 2020, Hudson City Council appointed the following citzens to serve on the 2020 Charter Review Commission:
  • Robert Kagler, Chair
  • Kerri Keller, Secretary
  • Andrew Duff
  • Melissa Jones
  • Sherif Mansour
  • Lisa Radigan
  • David Schweighoefer
  • Brett Shriver
  • Allen Wass
Proposed Charter Amendments - The Charter Review Commission has submitted recommendations for Charter amendments to City Council, which will pass an Ordinance to place these issues before Hudson voters on the November 3, 2020 Election Ballot.  

Suggestions List
- This is a working document that contains a summary of suggestions from elected officials, staff, residents, and the Commission itself. 


Pursuant to Section 13.02 of the City's Charter, the Charter Review Commission meets at five year intervals.  In January of a given year, City Council appoints from 7 to 11 Hudson residents as Commission members.  The Charter Review Commission is tasked with reviewing the City's Charter and submitting any proposed amendments to the Council, which passes legislation to place the issue before Hudson voters at the general election in November that same year. 

Charter Section 13.02, Charter Review Commission

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