Resident and Business Responsibility

Clearing Snow From Driveways and Sidewalks

Clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks is the responsibility of the resident or business owner. Unfortunately, snow plow operators do not have control over the snow coming off the edge of the snow plow blade. To avoid the frustrating problem of the snow plow covering your driveway with snow after you've just shoveled it, shovel the snow into your yard instead of into the street or shovel the snow to the “down stream” side of your driveway as determined by the travel direction of the truck. Normally, this is to the right side of your driveway apron as you are standing in your driveway facing the street.

Helpful Hints

  • Please avoid parking cars in the street during snow events. Parking bans will be posted via the City website and Hudson Community Television.
  • Keep garbage cans off the street during a snow event. Keep on the lawn or bottom of driveway. 
  • To keep the roadway clear of snow build-up, do not blow or plow snow into the street.
  • Snow should not be plowed into the center of a cul-de-sac.
  • Private Snow Plow Contractors are required to have a snow plow permit.  Contractors will be warned and possibly fined if found placing snow into the street (860.99).