In addition to office space, Downtown Phase II will include a variety of housing types targeted to young professionals and empty nesters. Although apartments were considered in the original preliminary plan, Council has removed the apartment building from "Block G" in the original plan. The apartments will be replaced by 10 to 12 town homes (the exact number is yet to be determined).

  • 73-75 Town Homes
  • 50 Condominium Flats

Current Layout

Current Plan Map

Housing Types in Downtown Phase II

The Current Revised Plan column below shows the amount of office/retail space and housing units anticipated in the project. Many would have first floor master suites to accommodate seniors and empty nesters.

Town Homes

The plan calls for 63-73 luxury market-rate town homes, which would include:

  • single-story units with first floor masters (similar to the Villas of Hudson) 
  • two-story units, similar to the homes currently on Clinton Street in First and Main. 
All town homes would include a two-car attached garage, high-end finishes, smart home technology, eco-friendly construction, and a direct sidewalk entrance.

Town Homes

Render 2 - Owen Brown Looking North at Village Way

Condominium Flats

Approximately 50 upscale, eco-friendly condominium flats will be offered above some of the businesses. Each will have dedicated covered parking and single-floor living that is accessed by a central elevator. Smart home technology and amenities would be available in the units.

Town Homes - First Floor Masters

Render 3 - Road A Looking West
Use Comprehensive Plan 
Jan. 2016
Preliminary Plan 
May 2018
Preliminary Plan
Town Homes 44 units 57 units 63 units 63 units
Condo Flats
144 units
90 units
Apartments: 30 units

Condo  Flats: 50 units
Apartments: REMOVED and
replaced with 10-12 town homes.
Condo Flats: 50 units
TOTAL HOUSING UNITS 188 units 147 units 143 units 125 units

Anticipated Price Ranges

Current anticipated price ranges for the units are as follows, but may be subject to change based on market fluctuations and other impacts as the project moves forward. View the Preliminary Plan map for locations of the blocks listed below.

Average Purchase / Lease Rate
Condo Flats
$285K or $2,100/month
Condo Flats
$325K or $2,400/month
Town Homes
$330K 0 $450K
Town Homes
$300K - $325K
Town Homes
Town Homes
$315K - $430K

Housing Trends Require New Options

Downtown Phase II will support existing retail stores and restaurants with new offices and housing, and responds to a demographic shift where more individuals are living alone, or without children, at both ends of the age spectrum. In Hudson, the population is aging, with the average age now significantly higher than state and national averages. While Hudson has an oversupply of 2,500+ sq. ft. homes on large lots, we have an under-supply of smaller homes, closer together to meet the needs of baby boomers with empty nests who wish to remain in the community.

For more information on housing trends: