Downtown Phase II Housing Options

In addition to office space, Downtown Phase II will include a variety of housing types targeted to young professionals and empty nesters. Although apartments were considered in the original preliminary plan, after citizen input, City Council removed the apartment building from the original plan. Based on the Final Plan approved by Planning Commission, the development will include:

  • 46 single-family detached units
  • 22 single-family attached units
  • 20 condominium flats in mixed-used building

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Housing Types in Downtown Phase II

Phase A of Downtown Phase II that was approved by the Planning Commission includes the following types of homes. 

Single-Family Detached Homes

Thirty-six single-family, detached homes on small lots are planned for the development. These will be 1 1/2 and 2-story homes, many with first floor master bedrooms, attached garages, high end finishes, with direct sidewalk entrances.

Pocket Neighborhood

Ten single-family detached homes on small lots will be available in a small pocket neighborhood. These homes will be two stories, with attached garages, high-end finishes and direct sidewalk entrances.

Current Layout

Downtown Phase II Phase A Residential Only

Single-Family Attached Homes

Twenty-two single-family attached homes are planned on small lots. Each would be 1 1/2 - 2 stories, many with first-floor master bedrooms, high-end finishes, attached garages, and direct sidewalk entrances.

Town Homes

The plan calls for 14, 2-story townhomes, which are planned to include luxury market-rate town homes, which would include many with first-floor master bedrooms, high-end finishes, attached garages, and direct sidewalk entrances.

Loft Condos

Approximately 20 upscale, one-story loft condominiums will be offered above some of the businesses. Each will have dedicated covered parking and single-floor living that is accessed by a central elevator. Smart home technology and amenities would be available in the units.

Anticipated Price Ranges

Current anticipated price ranges for the units are as follows, but may be subject to change based on market fluctuations and other impacts as the project moves forward. The estimated prices have gone up since previous estimates due to the lesser density of the current plan.
Type of Housing

Estimated Price Range
Single-Family Detached
$475k - $550k
Pocket Neighborhood (Single-Family Detached)
$395k - $575k
Single-Family Attached
$350k - $474k
Attached Townhomes
$325k - $390k
Loft Condos
$325k - $525k
PLEASE NOTE: The renderings below are conceptual only and do not represent the actual look or design of the buildings. Once the final plan is approved, actual architectural renderings will be done and sent to the Architectural and Historic Board of Review.

Downtown Renderings

Housing Trends Require New Options

Downtown Phase II will support existing retail stores and restaurants with new offices and housing, and responds to a demographic shift where more individuals are living alone, or without children, at both ends of the age spectrum. 

In Hudson, the population is aging, with the average age now significantly higher than state and national averages. While Hudson has an oversupply of 2,500+ sq. ft. homes on large lots, we have an under-supply of smaller homes, closer together to meet the needs of baby boomers with empty nests who wish to remain in the community.

For more information on housing trends: