Community-Wide Fiber-Optic Internet

UPDATE: On May 22, Hudson City Council postponed a Council vote to put the community-wide fiber initiative on the ballot. The Council vote is postponed until late November to provide time to establish a committee and for Council to continue their review. The initiative will not be on the November 2018 ballot.


The City of Hudson is exploring a City-owned and operated community-wide fiber-optic internet network that would provide all Hudson residents with access to affordable gigabit-speed internet service. Original discussions about placing an issue on the November 2018 ballot have been postponed until late November. Council will be forming a committee to further explore options for a potential ballot issue later next year. 


Residents have asked for faster speeds and more reliable internet service at home. A fiber-optic network, offering speeds of 1 Gigabits and beyond, is one of the fastest ways to connect to the internet. The City reached out to private companies several years ago, and found no private interest in building a fiber network. In 2015, Hudson began building Velocity Broadband, a fiber network for businesses, to help businesses compete into today's high-tech world. Now, the City is exploring expanding that network to all households in Hudson.


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What will it cost to build a fiber network and how would Hudson pay for it?

Building the network out to all Hudson homes and businesses is estimated to cost $21 million. To date, we have spent $3.4 million to build the 60-mile business network. It will cost an additional $17.5 million to build the rest of the network. City Council is considering a 10-year, 2.7 mill property tax levy on the November 2018 ballot to fund existing and future network construction. If voters approve the issue, the monthly cost for homeowners would be just under $7.88 per each $100,000 appraised value of the home. There would be an additional $30 per month service charge to use the service.
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What market research was done to determine market need?

Market research was performed that measured the viability of a fiber-optic network in Hudson and measured market demand for the service. 

  • 98% of Hudson households have internet service.
  • 7 out of 10 households believe communities need fast internet.
  • 69% would prefer the service from the City rather than other providers.
  • 78% of Hudson residential survey respondents have 5 or more devices connected to the Internet at home while 30% have more than 10 devices connected.
  • 75% of Hudson residents have experienced moderate, severe, or total disruption of their service from internet problems with reliability and speed.
  • 33% of Hudson residents are paying between $50 and $74 a month for home internet service; 11% are paying $75 to $99 a month, and an additional 28% of residents are paying above $100 a month.
  • 81% said low-cost, high-speed internet was important to the future of the local community.
Visit our Market Research page for more information on research conducted. 

What would Hudson gain with community-wide fiber?

  • Community-wide access to fiber-optic technology is the 21st Century equivalent of electricity or water and is vital to harness speeds needed to power smart technology for homes, schools, businesses and the community.
  • City-owned and operated, it would provide community access to a fiber-optic network that isn’t controlled by corporate interests and that provides everyone access to this vital resource.
  • A city-wide fiber-optic network would provide the state-of-the-art backbone to power technology for safety forces and generate municipal efficiencies and savings through smart street lighting, utility metering, and other municipal uses.
  • Research has shown that access to fiber may increase a home’s value.
  • Residents will have the speed and reliability to run an increasing number of devices in their home without annoying buffering times.

Where do I learn more?

Don't see an answer to your questions here? Check out our FAQs that offer more details about community-wide fiber. As this effort moves forward, we will continue to add information to these web pages and FAQs to help voters make a decision should the issue be placed on the ballot.  Click on the links below for more resource documents, FAQs, and other information as it becomes available. 

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