2018 Storm Sewer Lining Program

Cottager Drive

Contact Information:

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Tony Calabro, Construction Inspector
Phone: (330) 342-1770

Project Description 

One of the primary source of City storm sewer related work orders is due to sink holes caused by failing joints within storm pipes.  Public Works staff repairs a number of individual failing pipe joints each year and has utilized a storm sewer lining program since 2006 to repair several sewers with separated joints throughout the City. 
Compared to the traditional method of excavating and spot repairing individual storm sewer joints, storm sewer lining is much less intrusive than traditional excavation, causes fewer disruptions to the public and extends the life of the entire length of the storm sewers by approximately 50 years.    

The 2018 Storm Sewer Lining Program includes repairs to storm sewers along:
  • Cottager Drive
  • Granby Drive
  • Marblehead Drive
  • W. Case Drive
  • Wetherburn Way
  • Beckwith Drive 
  • Glastonbury Drive
The storm sewer lining work is scheduled to begin in mid-May and be finalized in June 2018.  No roadway closures are anticipated with the project.  Minimal disruptions to roadways, driveways and sidewalks are anticipated and owners adjacent to the storm sewers to be lined will be individually notified by door hangers with additional information, prior to the work commencing.   

Click Link Below for Individual Storm Pipes to be Lined:

Lining List 2018
Lining Maps 2018