Akron's Middleton Road Waterline Replacement Project

Update November 27, 2019

Middleton and Darrow Road Water Project Update:

The City of Akron’s contractor has finished the water main installation along Middleton Road.  Construction crews will continue working along SR 91 finalizing the bolt replacement work through December. Roadway patching and driveway apron replacement along Middleton Road will be completed thereafter. Grass restoration and overall site cleanup will be completed the week of November 25th. 

Resurfacing of Middleton Road:

With the waterline replacement coming to a completion late in the fall, the resurfacing of Middleton Road between SR 91 and Stow Road will take place in 2020 due to cold temperatures and potential for precipitation.  In order for proper asphalt installation and striping, warmer dry weather is necessary. The resurfacing of Middleton Road will occur along with the lowering of a portion of Middleton Road just east of Darrow Road that needs addressed due to safety site distance issues. 

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Akron Middleton Rd Water Aerial

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Akron Middleton Road

Project Description

The Middleton Road Waterline Replacement project by the City of Akron has been scheduled to begin May 28, 2019 near the Stow Road/Middleton Road intersection. This project is being funded by the Hudson Projects Surcharge. 

The project includes two parts: 
  • Part 1 includes the installation of a new 16” water main and fire hydrants on Middleton Road from Stow Road west to Darrow Road (SR 91). After bolt replacements are complete, the contractor expects to begin replacing the 16" water main in Middleton Road at Darrow Road in the beginning of July. Work will begin at the west end and work eastward to Stow Road. Work is anticipated to be completed in late November.   
  • Part 2 includes bolt replacement along Darrow Road (SR 91) from Middleton Road north to the Hudson/Twinsburg corporation line. The contractor plans to begin in the spring performing bolt replacements on Darrow Road.
The work is scheduled to last approximately 200 days. The road surface will be maintained during the course of the water project.

Resurfacing of Middleton Road will take place as soon as the water line work is completed and accepted. If the resurfacing of Middleton Road needs pushed to 2020, the City of Hudson's Public Works Department will maintain Middleton Road in 2019.

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Middleton Road Graphic