LDC Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Land Development Code being updated? Why now?

The original Land Development Code (LDC) has not had a significant revision since its inception in 1999. Ideally, a Land Development Code should be updated regularly to reflect the community’s vision set forth in the Comprehensive Plan, which is revised every 5-10 years.  With the adoption of the new 2015 Comprehensive Plan, it is the ideal time to revise the Code to ensure it reflects the current vision of the Comprehensive Plan.

What was the goal of the update?

The goal was to bring the Land Development Code in sync with the 2015 Comprehensive Plan goals. Goals stated in the Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Preserve and enhance the character of Hudson’s established neighborhoods while accommodating incremental residential development that can diversify and expand the local housing stock.
  • Promote residential development and redevelopment of a variety of housing and dwelling unit types, tenures, and densities in accordance with the Land Use Plan.
  • Encourage housing development that provides diverse choices of style and cost.
  • Support the development of “age-targeted” housing units that allow Hudson’s seniors to age in place and remain in the community.
  • Provide developers with the flexibility to cluster residential development in certain portions of a site, thereby leaving larger contiguous areas of stream buffers, wetlands, tree stands, and other assets undisturbed.
  • Focus the development of higher-density or multi-family units within the greater Downtown area.
  • Evaluate changes to the Land Development Code that can allow greater flexibility in designing and development higher-density homes such as duplexes and town homes, in appropriately targeted areas.

Does the proposed “simplification” of the LDC change the LDC?  

Streamlining was done to make it easier for all applicants (small and large) to find the information they need to understand the City’s zoning requirements and obtain permits for their properties to allow all Hudson residents to maximize the use of their property. In its simplest sense, information was re-organized to make the document more user-friendly. Developers were not consulted and did not have input in the process.  

Would the sign code change to allow A-Frame Signs? 

The current LDC does not allow for A-Frame signs, although these regulations have not been strictly enforced. Hudson Merchants feel strongly that A-Frame signs are beneficial to their businesses.  After surveying and consulting with merchants, the LDC update includes regulations on size and placement of A-Frame signs. By regulating placement and size, we can help minimize the visual clutter while accommodating the merchants’ need for these signs.  

What outreach to citizens have we done? Is the city asking for citizen input?  

Over a six-month period, staff reached out to residents for feedback on the existing LDC. Internal outreach included in-person interviews with members of the Planning Commission and City Council, meetings with AHBR, BZBA and Planning Commission, and an online follow-up survey to these groups.  The City also performed external outreach through a public open house, online survey, meetings with community groups, and input from contractors, homeowner’s associations and merchants. Now in the review process, City staff will be:

  • Conducting small group meetings to solicit public comment.
  • Providing information to Planning Commission as part of their second and fourth Monday meetings each month.
  • Gathering public comments and answering questions. Individuals interested in providing comments or who have questions should contact Jody Roberts, 330-342-9539 or by email. Click here for an email address.

Comments or Questions?

Send all comments or questions to:

Jody Roberts
Communications Manager