Aligning Comprehensive Plan with the LDC

The Comprehensive Plan’s Land Use and Development Plan identifies future land uses for all areas within the City and provides a framework to guide future planning and land use policy decisions.The most recent 2015 plan is a continuation of both the 1995 and 2004 Plans.

The Land Use and Development Plan identified the overreaching goal of “Support[ing] a healthy balance of land uses that can continue to make Hudson an attractive place to live and work, and carefully manage new growth and investment to ensure preservation of the community’s historic character and small-town charm.” (Comp Plan p. 23). 

Specifically, the Land Use and Development Plan outlined a collection of goals and recommendations to assist in achieving this, including:

  • Support the creation and maintenance of stable residential neighborhoods, ranging from medium or large lot single family homes to small lot single family detached homes, duplexes, town homes, condominiums, and apartments.” (Comp Plan at 23).
  • Concentrate commercial corridor uses at key nodes along Route 303 and 91.” (Comp Plan at 23)
  • Support the creation and maintenance of offices, industrial areas, and business parks of varying sizes that can accommodate a diverse array of industries, support well-paying jobs, and generate new tax revenue.” (Comp Plan at 23).
  • Continue to ensure new development reflects the scale of existing development within Hudson.” (Comp Plan at 23).