Fire Prevention


The number one goal of the Fire Department is to prevent the loss of life and property. Through fire prevention programs, we can help make your home or business a much safer and more worry-free environment. 


The Fire Department provides inspection and licensing assistance for schools, churches, daycare centers, and other businesses in Hudson in an effort to prevent fires in Hudson.
  • Licensing - The Fire Department works with homes, daycare centers, preschools and adoption agencies during licensing procedures.
  • Building and Plan Review - We review new construction, renovation plans, and sprinkler systems for fire and building code compliance.
  • Fire Safety Inspection - A full time Fire Prevention Bureau regularly inspects the schools, churches, daycare centers, and businesses of the community, to insure adherence to all safety codes. Inspections are available to residents free of charge. We also provide free services to residents such as, advice about smoke detectors and home safety issues. Learn more...
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration - The Bureau assists local businesses in complying with OSHA standards.