Tornado Siren

The weather in Ohio can turn severe within seconds. Watch the video below to learn what it means when you hear the sirens, the best ways to stay informed about severe weather, and what to do in the event of severe weather.

Recommended Severe Weather/Emergency Notification Resources: 

Download the FEMA app to be notified of severe weather alerts in your area.

Code Red Emergency Alert System
Sign up for the City of Hudson's Code Red Emergency Alert System to be notified via phone call, text, and/or email in the event of an Amber Alert, boil water messages, emergency evacuations, crime alerts, tornado warnings, and more.

Tornado Siren Locations

Five tornado sirens are evenly spaced throughout Hudson. However, depending on outside noise, wind direction, and more, it is possible that you will not hear the sirens at/inside your home. These sirens are just one tool in the toolbox. Please make sure that you have other forms of weather notifications in place.

Tornado Siren Locations - Click to enlarge

Tornado Siren Map