Veterans Trail Phase 4/Barlow Road Sidewalk

Project Update March 2021:

The western Veterans Trail Phase 4 project is currently being redesigned.  The eastern portion of the project from Nicholson Drive to SR 91 (the Barlow Road Sidewalk project) is still planned for construction in summer 2021.

Barlow Road Sidewalk Project Description

This project will include the installation of an 8-foot-wide concrete sidewalk along the north side of Barlow Road from Nicholson Drive east to the railroad tracks.  It will then transition to a 7-foot-wide concrete sidewalk to 1289 Barlow Road.  At this point the sidewalk will transition to a standard 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk to Darrow Road.  The total project length is 1.05 miles.  The trail & sidewalk construction includes storm drainage improvements, grading, driveway repairs, and tree removal.  For more information about the other stages of Veterans Trail, take a look at the project story map.

A link to the current construction plans for this project can be found here.

Contact Information:

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact :
Nate Wonsick, P.E., Assistant City Engineer
(330) 342-1770

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