Free Electronic Filing & Payment Options


Businesses and residents can file taxes and make payments online through the Regional Income Tax Agency R.I.T.A.

Employer Filing Information

Employers filing withholding returns are provided two choices:
  • Attach a payroll file
  • Fill in a simple withholding form
A secured ACH payment (electronic debit of a checking account) completes the filing.

Individual Taxpayers Information

Individual taxpayers are provided the following features:
  • A simple step-by-step calculation of taxes or refunds
  • Ability to file even if you moved during the tax year
  • Electronic transfer of refunds into checking or savings accounts
  • Delay payment of taxes - file as early as you like and set up an ACH payment anytime before April 15th
  • Pay by credit card or ACH (electronic debit of checking or savings accounts)

E-File Requirements

  • 1099 forms and federal schedules C, E, and F
  • Bank routing and account numbers - for a fast refund or to pay electronically
  • Date of move for residents that moved during the tax year
  • Social security numbers for yourself and your spouse
  • W2 forms from all employers

Additional Information

For more information log on to R.I.T.A. or call (800) 860-7482.