Pollinator Meadow

Pollinator Meadow at Darrow Road Park

The City of Hudson Parks Department, Hudson Park Board, Friends of Hudson Parks, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service – Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program are collaborating to create a Pollinator Meadow at Darrow Road Park that will restore six acres adjacent to SR 91 back to a pollinator meadow filled with native flowers and grasses that will support the bird, butterfly, bee and insect populations in the area. 

In Hudson, like most suburban areas, much of the open parkland has been invaded by non-native plant species that choke out native plants, creating environments that don’t support pollinators. Over the past 50 years in North America, the invasion of non-native species has contributed to the decline in the population of native birds (30%), bees (37%), butterflies (33%), insects (80%), and mammals (60%).  

Restoring the area to meadow will help increase wildlife biodiversity, improve soil and water quality, offer a flowering meadow environment with trails for residents to enjoy, and provide an educational tool for students. 
The few native species left in the area have been preserved for replanting. The invasive species, such as Canadian thistle, and buckthorn, have been removed and native species are being planted. It will take approximately two to three years to restore the area back to its natural state.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the City of Hudson Park Fund, and the Friends of Hudson Parks are contributing to the cost of the restoration.

Create Your Own Pollinator Garden

Want to create your own pollinator garden? Learn how to on the US Fish and Wildlife website here.

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