Owen Brown Street Reconstruction Project

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Project Update 11/2/2023

Currently this project is on hold while Summit County DSSS finalizes a design for a new gravity sewer along the same corridor. Construction of Summit County DSSS's project is tentatively scheduled for 2024. Construction of the City's project is tentatively scheduled for 2025. 

Project Description

The City is reconstructing Owen Brown Street between Morse Road and SR 91 due to its failing road surface and base. In addition, the existing cast-iron waterline along Owen Brown Street, between the bridge over the creek and SR 91, is undersized, beyond its useful life, and due for replacement. Also included in the City's project are storm sewer repairs and laterals, partial curb replacement, sidewalk repairs, and driveway apron replacements.

The City, along with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD), has investigated flooding at the existing bridge over the Brandywine Creek Tributary that runs under Owen Brown Street. Based upon the recently completed hydraulic study, it is recommended that instead of replacing the bridge, an additional, 42-inch overflow pipe be constructed next to the existing bridge to increase capacity of the storm system and reduce the chance of flooding.

The Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Services (DSSS) is planning to reconstruct a section of the sanitary sewer system along Owen Brown Street. Since the sanitary sewer is deeper than any of the City’s infrastructure, the City anticipates that the County’s work will take place ahead of any City work to avoid conflicts between contractors, utilities, and to limit disruptions to residents.  

Upon completion of all underground work and roadway repairs, Owen Brown Street from Morse Road to SR 91 will undergo asphalt roadway resurfacing.

Resident Open House February 16

The City hosted an open-house meeting with residents on Thursday February 16 from 5:30-7:30pm at the Hudson Public Library. City staff was available to review the plans and answer questions about the project.  Submit your questions or comments online here.

Project Schedule

At this time, the project is expected to be constructed in the summer with final restoration in the fall. This schedule is pending the Summit County Dept. of Sanitary Sewer Services work that is also scheduled to take place this year. If necessary, the City will modify its construction schedule to minimize disruptions to property owners.  More information regarding the project schedules will be provided as schedules for the County’s work is confirmed.  

For more information, please click on the Exhibits below, or contact Bradley Kosco, PE, PS, City Engineer at 330-342-1770 or via email.