Middleton Road & Stow Road Intersection Study

​Project Description

In 2019, the City of Hudson hired the traffic engineering consultant, GPD Group of Akron, Ohio to study the intersection of Middleton Road and Stow Road.  The purpose of the study was to evaluate the congestion and safety of the intersection and identify improvements, if necessary, to alleviate  congestion and mitigate crashes at the intersection.  The study analyzed crash history, the geometrics related to horizontal and vertical sight distance and the traffic operations.    Potential improvements evaluated at the intersection included four-way stop signs, traffic signals, turn lanes and single-lane round-about.  

Middleton and Stow Intersection
The study concluded that under current conditions, a four-way stop control, or a traffic signal is not warranted per the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  To alleviate congestion and mitigate crash severity, the study recommended the installation of a round-about.   The FHWA Office of Safety identified roundabouts as a proven safety improvement because of their ability to substantially reduce the types of crashes that result in severe injuries.  Roundabouts are designed to improve safety for all users, including pedestrians and bicycles.  For more information about round-abouts, click here.

A  concept plan for a round-about at this intersection is shown below.  The concept level cost for the improvement is $1.5 million.

Middleton and Stow Round-about
The City of Hudson Engineering Department is recommending additional evaluation of the Stow Road & Middleton Road intersection to further identify the benefits of a round-about, design and construction costs, potential impacts to private property, existing infrastructure conflicts and environmental constraints.   Once identified, the updated design and  construction costs will be discussed with Hudson City Council and identified in the upcoming Capital Projects budget.

To review the study, please click here:  Intersection Study

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