Brandywine Creek Tributary Stream Restoration Project

Project Schedule Update (June 16, 2022)

All permitting for the project has been secured and work is commencing. In the coming weeks, trees that were previously cut will be removed or repositioned for use within the project’s stream restoration and habitat improvements. Grading of the site will include removal of invasive species plants and roots and grading of stream banks to allow the stream to better access the on-site floodplains and wetlands. Once grading is completed, the site will be seeded with native grass seed. The grading and reseeding of the site is anticipated to last approximately six to eight weeks. Final planting of trees and small bushes will take place in the fall.

Project Schedule Update (March 2, 2022)

The project has been delayed due to review by the Army Corp. of Engineers (ACOE).  The ACOE has provided a partial authorization to the permit, ahead of full permitting of the project, to allow for tree clearing to commence early this spring, ahead of the full construction of this project this spring/summer.   

The project schedule is as follows:

  • Tree Clearing – Mid March, 2022
  • Begin Construction – May, 2022
  • End Construction, Begin Disturbed Area Restoration – Late Summer, 2022
  • Final Restoration including Tree Planting – Fall, 2022

Project Description

In March 2020, the City of Hudson partnered with the Tinkers Creek Watershed Partners (TCWP) to apply for, and was recently awarded, an OEPA 319 Grant to help fund the Brandywine Creek Tributary Stream Restoration Project.  

The project is located along the Brandywine Creek Tributary between Owen Brown Street and W. Prospect Street (see Project Plans here). This section of stream has become entrenched, or down-cut and disconnected from the natural floodplain. The project goal is to reconnect the stream to the on-site floodplains and improve the riparian corridor with enhanced natural habitats and stream stability improvements without diminishing the conveyance of the stream. Additional storm water storage to reduce downstream flooding, where readily available within the project limits, will also be reviewed for construction. 
The project will also remove vegetative invasive or non-native shrubs and plants that are reducing the bio habitat in the area. High-quality, beneficial stream, wetlands, and plants will remain where they exist. Tree and vegetation removal will be selective with only those trees that are invasive, or within the access points for the project, being planned for removal and replacement.   

Read the full press release about this project here.

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Project Schedule

The anticipated project schedule is to begin design of the project this spring and summer, conduct public input sessions, and then construct the project in Fall 2021.


  1. Brandywine Creek Restoration Concept Map

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