Water Resources

Our mission is to produce, treat, and deliver safe, potable, high quality water from the well field to the treatment plant, then to the elevated storage towers and ultimately to the consumers' tap.

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Water Service Providers in the City of Hudson

Name Phone Service Area
Hudson Water Department
330-342-1710         Serving the central area of the City.
Akron Water Department
330-375-2554 Serving the south, east, and north areas of the City.
Cleveland Water Department
216-664-2444 Serving the northwest and north area of the City.
Stow Water Department
330-689-2889 Serving the south area of the City.
Residents and businesses in Hudson are served by several different water departments. The City provides water to only a section of the City. If you are unsure, the company name should be on your utility bill. Check our Water Jurisdiction Map to help determine which entity provides your water.

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  1. Public Works Department

    1769 Georgetown Road
    Hudson, OH 44236
    (330) 342-1750

    Hudson Water Department
    After-Hours Emergency Line

    (330) 342-1800


    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Hudson Water Department Services

Backflow Prevention System
 - A backflow prevention system is required by the EPA when you have an irrigation system or own a commercial building.  A state-licensed plumber is required to test your backflow system every year.
Bulk Water Purchase - To set up an account, contact Public Works Department at 330-342-1750 or email Public Works.  Payments can be made by credit card, check made payable to "City of Hudson", or cash.

Hydrant Flushing
- City of Hudson fire hydrants are flushed a least twice a year for routine maintenance to flush the water lines. 
                   2018 Hydrant Flushing Season
                   Spring             April  9 - 20
                   Fall                  October         8 - 19
Irrigation System Meters - For information regarding second water meters for irrigation systems, please contact the Public Works Department at 330-342-1750 and City staff will assist you.

Remote Meters - City staff provides electronic meter reading services from the streets. There is no cost to the resident for a remote meter upgrade.  

Water Line Maintenance and Repairs - The City provides ongoing maintenance of water lines and makes repairs when lines or mains break. Sometimes water may need to be shut-off during repairs. The City will make every attempt to contact residents when water needs to be shut off for repairs. 

Water Treatment - The City owns and operates its own Water Treatment plant. Behind the scenes of water treatment...

Where Does the City of Hudson Water Come From?

  The water for Hudson water customers comes from five underground wells. In general, there is a great deal more consistency in water quality readings with ground well water resources as opposed to surface water resources, such as from lakes or streams.

Hudson Water Quality

The City of Hudson owns and operates its own water treatment plant that ensures safe, potable water is delivered to its customers. 
The City of Hudson Water Resources Department performs a wide range of water testing at varying frequencies which are required and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The City's current program requires testing be performed for lead and copper at a frequency of every three years. This particular testing is performed and results are analyzed by a licensed third party laboratory. All testing results are published in the City's EPA Annual Water Quality Report which can be reviewed HERE.

The water quality report shows the EPA regulation for lead compared to the test reading for the water. This reading has always been consistently within or below the required minimums. We regularly test for water quality, ensuring safe drinking water to all of the City of Hudson Water customers. 

Hudson Water Department History

The City's first water plant was located on Oviatt Street, and the water source was from nearby underground wells. Mr. James W. Ellsworth was the driving force and main financial backer of this initial system. It operated from 1912 until 1969, when the water plant moved to its present site on West Streetsboro Street. Today, Hudson's Water Resources Department operates five underground wells and operates its water own water treatment plant to provide safe drinking water to its approximately 2,300 customers.