Parking Terrace Repairs Updates

Parking Terrace Update 8/13/2022Parking Terrace News Flash

On Thursday afternoon, a contractor working for the City was performing scheduled repair work on the upper level of the Parking Terrace. During this time, two support cables in the upper level deck broke. The parking deck was immediately reviewed by a certified structural engineer Thursday afternoon who determined that the upper deck should remain closed to prevent any additional issues from occurring with vehicles parked on the upper level of the terrace. The engineer also determined that the lower deck is safe to be used.

A contractor who specializes in these types of repairs will be on site on Monday to make the necessary repairs to the support cables on the upper deck. Concrete will be poured around the repaired cable areas on Tuesday, and the plan is to open the upper level of the parking deck on Wednesday. This upper deck work will not affect the lower level of the parking terrace and the lower level will remain open.

In the meantime, we have opened the Peg’s Foundation parking lot at #10 W. Streetsboro Street this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) for special event & visitor parking. There is also additional parking in the parking lot on Village Way across from the library (Valet Parking Lot). 

We will be posting updated information in the coming days, and in the meantime the upper deck of the Parking Terrace will remain closed and barricaded for public safety.