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Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club was originally a private golf course that was purchased by the City in 1997.  The City purchased the course to preserve green space in the City and prevent the 300+ units of high-density housing that was being considered for that property.

After extensive renovations, Ellsworth Meadows open in the spring of 1999. Over the years, it has become a highly recognized, beautifully manicured 18-hole course that continues to rank among the best public courses in Northeast Ohio. The course now offers excellent golf opportunities to the community, from junior golfers through senior golfers. It is one of the many recreational amenities that the City offers to its residents.

Ellsworth Meadows continues its commitment to green space conservation. Through its golf maintenance practices, it has been designated as an Audubon Cooperative sanctuary due to the City's conservation efforts that include items such as wildlife habitats and inventory, reduction in water usage, and reduction in pesticide use. 

Record Revenues/Rounds of Golf in 2023

The popularity of Ellsworth Meadows continues to grow, with a record number of 58,000 rounds of golf played last year. The course continues to remain profitable, even through the pandemic.  The City is looking for ways to increase revenues to keep greens fees reasonable and the course remains one of the premiere public courses in Northeast Ohio.

Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club is self-funding, with operating and maintenance expenses funded by course revenues.


Operating Income 2019-2023

Rounds of Golf

Rounds of Golf 2019-2023

New Clubhouse PlansMap of Clubhouse Location

After the initial financial investment to renovate the original course, Ellsworth Meadows has grown to become a self-funding operation. To continue its success, the City has looked at additional revenue generating options off season. Throughout the country, golf simulators have become extremely popular and are used by many golf courses for off-season revenue generation.

The current size of the clubhouse would not accommodate the addition of golf simulators. The City considered several options that would be funded from revenues received from the golf course.  

  • One option was to renovate and enlarge the current building. That would require closing the building while construction was underway which would decrease revenues during that time. The renovation cost was also the highest of the three Options.
  • Another option was to build a new structure next to the current building. We discovered that too much of the driving range tees would be lost, and there were no other options for more tee space. 
  • The final option, which was selected, is to build a new structure located where the current outdoor pavilion now stands. That option would allow the course to remain open, and was the least costly of the three options. The current clubhouse, then, could be used as a rental area for birthday parties, graduation parties, and meeting space (outside of any golf related events). 

Scope of Work

The proposed new single-story building is approximately 6,000 square feet and will be constructed near the existing pavilion by the 18th green. The proposed design will replace the clubhouse building and all amenities, activate this vibrant community space, maintain the continued operation as an important regional recreational resource, improve accessibility for the general public, and avoid displacing the diverse user groups that rely upon the well-established recreational and cultural opportunities that Ellsworth Meadows Golf Clubhouse and course provide.

The new building would include a dining space, large-scale Pro Shop, four golf simulator bays, an indoor and outdoor fireplace, public restrooms, and back-of-the house spaces for required utilities and storage. The site improvements will provide enhancements to the current aging facilities at the golf course.

Visualized Clubhouse

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This project is currently self funded through the Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club revenues.

Estimated Construction Cost: $1.89 million

Tentative Project Schedule


Construction contract award
Waiting for Council approval to go out to bid
May 2024 (estimated)
Open to the public