Snow Command Planning


Streets are maintained in a priority order during a snow event. During heavy snowfall events, primary streets may require continuous plowing before secondary routes are plowed and maintained.

  • Priority 1 - Main / Artery  Roads (Primary Routes)
  • Priority 2 - Neighborhood / Subdivisions (Secondary Roads)
  • Priority 3 - Cul-de-sacs, Bubbles, Dead End Streets
  • Median Cross-overs 


Snow and ice control operations in Hudson include the following areas of responsibility:
  • State Route 8 limited access expressway
  • State Route 91
  • 350 lane miles of streets
  • 217 cul-de-sacs
  • 5 municipal parking lots
  • 13 Min Plow Routes

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Snow Plowing Plans

The magnitude of the winter storm dictates the frequency that snow routes are plowed and treated with salt. Since each snow storm is different in terms of magnitude and duration, it is very difficult to estimate the exact amount of time that it will take to clear each City street of snow and ice.


Here are a few storm scenarios:
  • During average (2-4 inch) snow fall events that occur within average (4-10 hour) durations, snow plow crews are able to complete their primary (priority one) and secondary (priority two) and local (priority three) streets within a reasonable time frame.
    • Reasonable means that motorists may notice that all City streets are receiving snow and ice control maintenance within the same time frame.
  • During above average (5-10 inch) snow fall events that occur within above average (5-10 hours) durations, snow plow crews work diligently to keep up with the snow storm by focusing their efforts on primary (priority one) and collector (priority two) streets. During this type of storm, the local (priority three) streets will not be maintained until the primary and secondary streets are under control. Residents will notice varying levels of service and maintenance on streets throughout Hudson.
  • In the most severe storms, City crews will maintain the primary streets with plowing and salting and try to snow plow a traversable path down the center of every street as time permits. Generally speaking, if the snow storm drops snow for 10-12 hours, it will take city crews approximately 10-12 hours after the snow has stopped to clean the entire City.