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Safety Town is going virtual this year! Out of an abundance of caution, in-person Safety Town was cancelled for Summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to keep your kids safe while also teaching them important safety lessons to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

How does Virtual Safety Town work?

All the same lessons taught during in-person Safety Town are available in video format on this webpage. Watch the videos with your child at your leisure - once a week, one a day, or if you're really ambitious, all in one day! At the end of each lesson will be a small homework assignment you can complete with your child. Submit your child's homework for each lesson, and when you get through them all, your child will be sent a Certificate of Completion!

Questions? Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

Virtual Safety Town Video Lessons

Click on the lesson names below to watch each video lesson, or find the full playlist below.

Full Virtual Safety Town Video Lesson Archive

Hudson Headlines - Safety Town is Going Virtual

First Homework Assignment

Virtual Safety Town Intro from Hudson Police Chief Tabak

Lesson 1: Addresses, Phone Numbers, Street Signs, and Calling 911

Lesson 1 Homework

Lesson 3: Gun Safety and Eddie the Eagle

Lesson 3 Homework

Lesson 4: Stranger Danger and Internet Safety

Lesson 4 Homework

Lesson 5: Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Lesson 5 Homework
Lesson 5 Resources

Lesson 6: Food Allergies and Common Poisons

Lesson 7: Fire Safety

Lesson 8: Equipment to Keep You Safe

Lesson 8 Homework

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Virtual Safety Town start?

Virtual Safety Town launched on July 15, 2020.

How do I submit my child's first homework assignment?

Fill out this form and upload your family's Virtual Fire Drill here!

Will my child be able to attend In-Person Safety Town in 2021?

Yes! Virtual Safety Town was created so you would have an option to teach your child what they need to know before entering kindergarten this fall, but they can still choose to attend in-person Safety Town instead in 2021. A sign up will be available through HCER next year.

Will participating in Virtual Safety Town exclude my child from participating in In-Person Safety Town next year?

No, your child can do both! Virtual Safety Town was created as an alternative learning option due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating will not exclude your child from in-person Safety Town next year.


To contact Hudson Police Officers Jim and Joe, send an email to They would be happy to help!