Senior Watch Program

Established by the Hudson Police Department in 1998, the Senior Watch program pairs Hudson Police Officers with senior residents who live alone, and who, regardless of age, are seriously affected by disability or chronic illness. Officers make brief visits on a regular basis to registered participants, checking on their safety, security, and well-being. Senior Watch is but one facet of the Department’s ongoing commitment to the success of its community oriented policing approach.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Residents age 65 or older who live alone, with no family close.
  • Residents age 65 or older who live with a family member who is bed-ridden, handicapped, or chronically ill.
  • Any adult, regardless of age, who lives alone and is seriously disabled and/or chronically ill with no family close.
All are encouraged to contact the Senior Liaison at (330) 342-1800.

Participation is voluntary, and individuals may register as either active or inactive participants. There is no fee charged for membership in Senior Watch.

The Department’s Senior Citizen Liaison, who coordinates visiting officers and monitors the program, contacts each senior upon referral. The Senior Liaison will visit each applicant at home to explain the program and determine eligibility. Participants who choose to join Senior Watch are asked to complete an application form and to provide emergency contact and medical information for future reference. All information will be kept confidential.