Trash Collection / Recycling

Trash Pickup Dates

Regardless of whether or not you choose Republic Services, our Preferred Hauler, your weekly trash pickup day is determined by the City quadrant in which you live.

Here is the new trash pickup schedule:
  • Southeast Quadrant: Monday
  • Southwest Quadrant: Tuesday
  • Northwest Quadrant: Wednesday
  • Northeast Quadrant: Thursday

If you live on SR 91 or SR 303, your trash will be collected based on the side of the street you live on. For example, if you live on the east side of SR 91, north of SR 303, your trash will be collected on Thursday as part of the Northeast Quadrant.

For a route map to print out and save, click here.

What is the Holiday Trash and Recycling Schedule?

Holiday trash and recycling days are postponed to the next business day.

Recycling in Hudson

Learn more here.

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Hudson Trash Hauler Options

How Do I Sign Up for Hudson's Preferred Hauler Program?

You must call Republic Services at 1-800-247-3644 to set up your Preferred Hauler Program account. More information about the program is available below.  Current rate is $55.14 per quarter

What if I Choose Not to Participate in the Preferred Hauler Program?

If you do not want to use Republic Services as your trash Hauler, you may choose from any of the approved hauler listed below.

AA Sanitation
Kimble Companies
Republic Services
Waste Management
All trash haulers must re-apply for a permit each April to continue to perform services in Hudson. Trash hauling companies can contact the Hudson Public Works Department (330) 342-1750 for more information about the permit process.

We encourage all citizens to recycle curbside. All trash haulers offer single stream recycling at the curb.

Learn more about recycling in our community here.

Preferred Hauler Program

In March, 2016 Hudson City Council approved the creation of a preferred trash hauler program that will offer lower, established rates for our residents. The program also addressed the concern of having trash out on curbs all week long. Based on a bidding process, Republic Services was selected as the City's Preferred Hauler. As part of this program, all trash haulers will be required to pick up trash on the same day, based on City quadrants. This new program went into effect on May 1, 2016. 


Sign Up for the Preferred Hauler Program by calling 1-800-247-3644.

What is a Preferred Hauler Program?

With a Preferred Hauler Program, the selected Preferred Hauler will offer lower rates than other haulers and provide quality services as determined by the City.  If you do not wish to use Republic Services, which is the selected Preferred Hauler, you may select any of the other haulers that have been permitted to work in the City.

Why Should I Use the Preferred Hauler?

Before the Preferred Hauler program, the average estimated quarterly charge for trash services in Hudson was $75. With the Preferred Hauler Program, standard trash services price is $55.14 per quarter. This price is good through April, 2021. Standard services include pickup of all trash, yard waste and bulk items, including single-stream recycling. As part of this program, all participants will receive a 96-gallon trash cart, along with a 65-gallon recycling cart. The recycling cart is larger and more easy to maneuver to the curb than the small recycling bins.

What If I Want to Keep My Current Hauler? 

No problem. You do not need to switch to the Preferred Hauler. However, because the City has set specific pickup days for each City quadrant, the day of the week your trash is picked up may change. See the map below for the new pickup days.
Trash Carts Cropped.jpg

Does My Homeowners Association Have to Use the Preferred Hauler?

No. Your homeowners association can keep its current supplier. However, with the new pickup days determined by City quadrants, your trash pickup day of the week may change.

Is Recycling Included in the Preferred Hauler Service?

When you sign up for with the Preferred Hauler, you will receive a 65-gallon recycling cart (much larger than the current bins). It's single-stream recycling, which means you can put all your recyclables into one cart. No need to sort by type of materials. And, you can put paper and cardboard into the cart, so you don't need to haul those items off to a recycling location.

What Constitutes a Bulk Item?

Preferred Hauler Program Republic Services customer, residents can place 1 bulk item at the curb each week, including sofas, chairs, mattresses and box springs. For details about disposing of bulk items, see the Republic Services Brochure.

Republic Services Brochure