Summit Metro Crash Response Team

metro crash team
The Summit Metro Crash Response Team (SMCRT) is Summit County's first and only multi-jurisdictional crash response team. Investigators are assembled from 13 police agencies throughout Summit County and include officers from Copley, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Hudson, Norton, Macedonia, Peninsula, Richfield, Summit County Metro Parks, Silver Lake, Stow, Tallmadge and Twinsburg. SMCRT also works closely with the Summit County Engineer's Office, the Summit County Medical Examiner and our municipal and county prosecutor's offices.

The Unit is divided into two response teams that rotate on-call every other week. One or more members of each team are Level III Technical Crash Investigators or Level II Technicians. SMCRT also has two Level IV+ Advanced Reconstructionists, one who is an officer with Hudson PD, who have advanced training in Vehicle Dynamics, Momentum Analysis, Vector Sum Analysis, Crush Energy Deformation, Pedestrian Impacts, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Occupant Kinematics, Lamp and Tire Analysis, Evidence Collection and Court Room Testimony. Other team members are Basic Crash Investigators who assist the Reconstructionists in data collection and evidence preservation.

The Unit is investigative only and does not initiate any enforcement action. Investigators support and advise the requesting agency as to the causes and factors involved in the crash and can provide an agency with a professional and scientific analysis and reconstruction of a serious crash. Participation in the Unit serves to multiply our resources in a crash emergency, both in terms of manpower as well as equipment which is shared among the participating agencies. This assures a quick and professional response in an emergency as well as an expert investigation.