It is not uncommon in the City of Hudson, or any other urban community, for residents to see and/or hear coyotes. Often, seeing or hearing coyotes creates a concern for residents that pet and human lives are at risk. Due to their intelligence and adaptability, in addition to extensive urbanization and the decline of larger predators, coyotes have successfully expanded their range across Ohio into urban areas. While physical encounters between coyotes and humans are rare, the co-existence of coyotes and humans does present at times opportunities for physical encounters. 

City of Hudson's Urban Coyote Management Plan

Hudson's Urban Coyote Management Plan was created in response to increased concerns about coyotes in Hudson. The plan details general information about coyotes and their behaviors, how to coexist with coyotes, strategies to help prevent potential coyote encounters, and what to do if you encounter a nuisance or aggressive coyote. View the plan in its entirety below.

View the City of Hudson Urban Coyote Management Plan


Identifying Nuisance/Aggressive Coyotes and What to Do if Encountered

Coyotes are common in Hudson and in Ohio in general. Physical encounters between coyotes and humans are extremely rare, and we tend to coexist peacefully. However, it is important to know how to identify a nuisance or aggressive coyote and what to do if one is encountered. Hudson’s Coyote Management Plan details what are considered unusual behaviors for coyotes and the steps a resident should take if the behaviors are observed. See the Action Plan chart for recommended actions for specific situations.

How To Deter Coyotes

Coyotes often are attracted to property due to food, water, and shelter opportunities. Minimizing these coyote attractants is the best way to reduce the possibility of coyotes using residential properties. Take a look at the Yard Audit Checklist to assess if you need to make property modifications to discourage coyotes from your yard.

Action Plan Chart - Click to Enlarge

Coyote Action Plan 12-8-22

Need Assistance with a Stray or Nuisance Animal?

For assistance with stray animals or nuisance wild animals in the City of Hudson, please contact Summit County Animal Control at (330) 643-2845 or visit their website.


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