Voting in the City of Hudson is overseen by the Summit County Board of Elections.

Summit County Board of Elections
470 Grant St.
Akron, OH 44311
Telephone: (330) 643-5200

Upcoming Elections

September 12 - Primary/Special Election

November 7 - General Election

For information about registration deadlines and early voting, visit the Summit County Board of Elections.

Polling Locations/Ballot Information

Visit the Summit County Board of Elections where you can search by your address and find out your polling location and view a sample ballot. The site includes information about voter registration and early voting as well as more information about the election process.

Temporary Political Signs

Temporary signs may be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner. Signs may not be placed in the City-owned right-of-way, which is the area closest to the street curb, usually the tree lawn. While the length of the right-of-way varies by street, in general, place your signs at least 15 feet from the roadway to ensure that the signs are not in the City right-of-way.

Our Temporary Sign Application information page explains in more detail the applicable standards. (Note: You are NOT required to fill out the Temporary Sign Application for political signs. It is provided only as a reference for the total number of square feet permitted in each district.) 

Signs that are placed in the City right-of-way will be moved back onto the property or contact will be made with the property owner. Please contact Community Development at (330) 342-1790 if you have questions.