Maintaining Trees Near Power Lines

Hudson Public Power (HPP) is dedicated to providing reliable service to its more than 6,500 electric customers within the City of Hudson. Trees are a leading cause of electrical power outages. When trees come in contact with electric lines they become electrified, and pose a danger to anyone who might touch the tree.

To ensure the safety and reliability of the electric system, our Line Management Program monitors and keeps nearby trees and shrubs from growing up into power lines and equipment.

To ensure that wires remain clear and safe, HPP uses a variety of techniques, including trimming and tree removal. When performing vegetation management, tree crews must consider the public safety and welfare along with the aesthetics of the trees and bushes underneath and around power lines.

For transmission lines, we prune or remove trees within 40 feet on either side of the center line between the poles. For distribution lines, we prune or remove trees within 20 feet on either side of the center line between the poles.

All trimming or tree removal is done according to all applicable industry standards and is supervised by a Board Certified Master Arborist. Trees that do not represent a threat to the power lines will not be removed.

When we determine that an area needs to be pruned or trees removed, we contact the property owner by mail and provide a timeframe for the work that will be done on the property.

Right of Entry to Easements and Private Property

Ohio law requires public utilities to provide adequate service to customers.
According to the Ohio Revised Code, Hudson Public Power is entitled access to a property to provide electric service.

ORC 4933.15 states, "For the purpose of making preliminary examinations and surveys, any company transmitting or distributing electricity in the state for public or private use may enter upon any land held by any individual or corporation, whether acquired by purchase, appropriation proceedings, or otherwise, unless such land is owned by and essential to the purposes of another corporation possessing the power of eminent domain. The company also may appropriate so much of such land, or any right or interest in the land, including any trees, edifices, or buildings on the land, as is deemed necessary for either of the following purposes:

(A) The erection, operation, or maintenance of an electric plant, including its substations, switching stations, transmission and distribution lines, poles, towers, piers, conduits, cables, and wires and other necessary structures and appliances, but excluding its generating stations;

(B) Rights-of-way over such land and adjacent lands for the purpose of access to any part of such land. The right of appropriation shall be exercised in the same manner provided by sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code."

Emergency Situations

If HPP determines that there is an immediate safety hazard or threat of loss, or actual loss of power, we may prune or remove trees without prior notice.

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