Tree Pruning for Line Clearance

Hudson Public Power crews and contracted professionals provide tree trimming services to ensure trees are a safe distance from our power lines. When we evaluate trees for pruning, we consider many aspects, including the species, growth rate, and their proximity to the electric lines.

Crews use a variety of pruning techniques that were developed by the National Arborist Association and are accepted as industry standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Arbor Day Foundation and the International Society of Arborculture.

For questions about pruning, contact Dan Burkholder, Hudson City Arborist at (330) 342-1750.

Line Clearance Tree Trimming

Line clearance tree trimming is comprised of:

  1. Emergency work to restore power and remove hazards.
  2. Pruning for new line construction and service planning.
  3. "Hot Spot" trimming based on limbs in close proximity to wires.
  4. Regular cyclical circuit maintenance.
  5. Individual Customer requests for service from residents.