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Sign Up for Hudson's Emergency Alert System

Don't be in the dark in an emergency. When seconds count, we will notify you through our Code Red Emergency Alert System of urgent situations, such as Amber Alerts, boil water messages, emergency evacuations, crime alerts or other important information. All landline phones in the 9-1-1 system are automatically in our Code Red database and will be dialed in an emergency.

If you also want to receive phone calls or text messages through your cell phone, or you no longer have an landline home phone, be sure to register your cell phone number today!

The system also automatically posts to the City of Hudson Social Media sites during an emergency.

Text HUDSON to 99411 to enroll in CodeRED, or click on the Code Red Link below to register your cell phone now! When seconds count, we will call to provide you and your loved ones with vital, real-time information.

Want to sign up? Register My Cell Phone Now!

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CodeRed and Tornado Flyer Revised 2020