Heritage Home Program


The City of Hudson is continuing its partnership with the Hudson Heritage Association to bring the Heritage Home Program to residents of the City. The Heritage Home Program is a specialized house maintenance and rehab program administered by the Cleveland Restoration Society for owners of homes that are 50 years old and older.

Free Heritage Home Virtual Workshops

Cleveland Restoration is offering the attached Heritage Home Information Sessions for the months of March, April and May.

Heritage Home Photo 3-19-2020


The Hudson Heritage Program offers free technical assistance and advice to the owners of homes that are over 50 years old. A representative of the Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) will come out and visit your house and evaluate any potential repairs that are necessary and appropriate. This evaluation includes identifying the proper materials to be used for repairs and replacements.

A CRS representative can also assist homeowners on possible additions to their homes. Cleveland Restoration Society will suggest the proper materials and colors, so that the addition will enhance, rather than detract, from the home.


The free technical assistance and advice offered by the Heritage Home Program is completely impartial and independent. Cleveland Restoration Society does not have any products or services it sells, and it does not act as a contractor. Cleveland Restoration Society can provide a homeowner with a list of contractors and also review contractor bids and advise the homeowner accordingly. A CRS representative also can advise the homeowner regarding replacement products that are being recommended by salesmen or contractors.

Under this Program, CRS has provided technical advice and assistance to over 5,800 homeowners in Northeast Ohio on projects having a value of over $125 million.

Set up an Appointment

If you are interested in finding out more information on the Heritage Home Program, or would like to schedule an appointment with a representative from the Cleveland Restoration Society, call (216) 426-3106 or visit the Heritage Home Program.

Cleveland Restoration Society

Cleveland Restoration Society is the region’s largest non-profit preservation organization and is a local partner affiliate of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Founded in 1972, CRS is dedicated to the revitalization of our older neighborhoods and the preservation of Greater Cleveland’s architectural resources. To learn more visit the Cleveland Restoration Society.

Hudson Heritage Home Program Video