Downtown Phase II

Public Listening Sessions

In November 2018, City Council held listening sessions to receive input from citizens about the Downtown Phase II projects. Click on the link for general areas of question from the public, and view the developer's responses to those questions that were covered in the presentation and the Council meeting on December 18, 2019.

Council - Testa Discussion Items

Click on the video below to watch the presentation.

Why Downtown Phase II?

Downtown Phase II will be a vibrant, walkable neighborhood that will complement the success of First and Main with dynamic new uses, including offices, town homes, condominium flats, multifamily units and green space.

Blending seamlessly with First and Main, the development will be connected to our past through its Western Reserve architecture and designed and built with 21st Century technology to position Hudson for the future.
The Class A office space and housing will bring new jobs and increase our tax base, generating tax revenues more than 10 times what those properties generate today. When completed, Downtown Phase II will create annual property tax revenues estimated at $1.9 million and annual income tax dollars of $400,000 - $600,000.

Replaces Old Industrial Sites with Offices, Residences

When you walk northwest of First and Main, you leave the charm of Western-Reserve architecture and encounter the stark industrial buildings of Windstream and Hudson Public Power. To the north, there are long rows of bright yellow school buses in the Bus Garage. Just past the buses are the Villas of Hudson townhomes, and to the east, the historical homes on Owen Brown Street.

The industrial structures, surrounded by areas with New England-style charm, will be replaced with offices and housing that will extend the character of First and Main into the surrounding neighborhoods. Open space and trails will create active spaces where people can spend time enjoying Hudson’s downtown.

Design & Architecture to Preserve Historical Character

When First and Main was built, care was taken to seamlessly blend the history and charm of Main Street with the new development. At that time, people expressed concerns that First and Main would not fit the scale and look in the downtown. Fourteen years later, Hudson’s downtown is a focal point, and most agree the First and Main architecture maintains Hudson’s unique character.

The same care and scrutiny that went into First and Main will be taken in the design of Downtown Phase II to ensure it maintains the quality and character of the community.

The developer, Testa Companies, is committed to working with the City and our residents to ensure the project meets Hudson’s architectural standards. They have been very open to changes and improvements at every step of the process to create the best project that meets the needs of Hudson and its citizens.

Size of the Project

The size, scale and density matter to City leadership and residents, and we are working with consultants, the developer and residents to ensure the project scope, building heights and number of homes blend effortlessly with our neighborhoods.

The preliminary plan calls for approximately 175,000 square feet of office/commercial space, and 147 housing units. As a comparison, First and Main has approximately 200,000 square feet of commercial space, 50,000 square feet for the library, and 12 townhomes.

Original plans called for higher housing density, but the City is working with the developer to adjust the number and spacing of housing units to ensure it fits the character of the community. Current plans show an approximate density of 9 units per acre, less than other downtown developments, including Versailles (16 per acre), Hudson Station (14 per acre), Surrey Park (14 per acre), and First and Main Townhomes (13 per acre).

Preliminary Plan - Click on Map to Enlarge

Prelim Plan 10.18

Why Offices and Housing?

Offices and varied housing options were identified as needs in the Comprehensive Plan. Hudson’s population is aging, with the average resident age now higher than state and national averages. Hudson has an oversupply of 3,000 + square-foot homes on large lots, but an under-supply of smaller homes, closer together to meet the needs of baby boomers with empty nests and young professionals. Downtown Phase II addresses the 2015 Comprehensive Plan recommendations for a variety of housing styles, by offering townhomes, condominiums and multifamily units in an active lifestyle center. New office space was planned in the initial vision for Phase I and Phase II. With office space in First and Main largely full, there is a market demand for Class A office space that will bring in high-paid workers who will patronize existing downtown businesses, broaden our tax base and capitalize on smart technology.

How Will the Project Be Financed?

As a public/private partnership between the developer and the City, a majority of the cost will be paid for by the developer. The City’s approximately $10-15 million financial investment for infrastructure and improvements will be financed through land sale proceeds, TIF financing and tax revenues generated from the project.

New Tax Dollars for the Schools

Downtown Phase II will benefit more than its residents – it will benefit our schools. As was done for First and Main, the City is using a TIF (tax increment financing) for the residential portion of Phase II, which means approximately 77% of the incremental increased property taxes will be diverted to help pay for community improvements, including roads, traffic calming, infrastructure and parking structures, for a period of 20 years. Approximately 23% of that money will go to our schools. Those taxes, added to the additional real property tax generated from the commercial portion of the redevelopment, is more money for the Hudson Schools.

We want to hear from you!

Send us your comments on Downtown Phase II.Your comments will provide City Council with information necessary to determine possible modifications of the Phase II preliminary plan and any future steps Council would take regarding Downtown Phase II. 

Get the Facts

Learn the facts about the design, parking, housing, and other details in our Get the Facts newsletters. Click here to view.
I - Why Phase II
Phase II Brochure
October 24, 2018
To all Hudson residents and businesses:
As Hudson City Council President, I speak on behalf of Council when I say that we have heard many comments expressed by citizens about Downtown Phase II.... CLICK HERE TO READ THE LETTER.
Past Meetings

November 27, 2018
6:15 pm -7:15 pm
Town Hall

Public listening session with City Council.  

November 13, 2018
6:15 pm -7:15 pm
Town Hall

Public listening session with City Council.

July 9, 2018
Planning Commission
7:30 pm - Town Hall 

July 23, 2018
Planning Commission
7:30 pm - Town Hall
Planning Commission
May 30, 2018
May 14, 2018
Planning Commission
April 30, 2018 
Planning Commission Meeting

Arrange for a Neighborhood Meeting

If you would like to arrange for an
informational meeting for your neighborhood or organization, call Jody Roberts, Communications Manager, at 330-342-9539 or click here to send an email.

Current and Future Tax Comparison

Current vs New Tax Infographic

Traffic/ParkingConcerns Addressed

Impacts of traffic and parking from Downtown Phase II are a major concern. The City has performed traffic and parking impact studies, and in partnership with the developer, will be incorporating plans to mitigate any potential impacts. The City is looking at adding a parking structure, traffic calming, and road and intersection improvements as we finalize the Downtown Phase II plans. Working in partnership with Owen Brown Street residents, the City has gone to great lengths to preserve the character of historic Owen Brown Street. To view the traffic and parking studies, click here.

Connected Lifestyle

Downtown Phase II will be connected to the City’s bike and hike trails, allowing residents and office employees in the downtown to walk or bike Veterans Trail from the active City core to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Summit Metro Park systems
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