Land Development Code Update

What is the Land Development Code?

The Land Development Code (LDC) contains all of the adopted standards, regulations, and procedures about development in Hudson. It regulates small residential projects such as fences and additions and regulates large projects such as residential subdivisions and commercial development.

Why Does It Need to be Updated?
Hudson's Land Development Code was established in 1999 as an effort to merge the regulations of the Village and the Township. Now the City is addressing current matters, such as emerging technologies, demographic shifts, or recent court rulings that have impacted the City's regulations. The City Charter mandates the Charter and the Comprehensive Plan be reviewed and revised at set intervals. The LDC is an implementation tool for the elements within these documents. 

The current LDC has undergone 30 individual revisions over the past 20 years, which has created needless administrative complexities and has had the unintended consequence of making the document difficult to use and interpret. This has led to an increased burden on residents and staff and a higher likelihood of non-compliance by users. In addition, land uses have changed within the City, and some studies cited as reference material in the Code are no longer current or valid. Code enforcement tools no longer meet today's needs.

What changes are being proposed?

There are three phases of review being proposed: administrative, commercial land uses, and residential land uses. The administrative changes would be discussed this year, followed by commercial land uses in the first half of 2019, and finally residential uses in the second half of 2019. Each phase will be brought before City Council for review and adoption.

What community outreach was done?

The outreach included both internal and external information gathering including interviews with staff, City boards/commissions, City officials and an online survey. External research included a public open house, online survey, meetings with community groups, and input from building contractors, homeowner's associations and Hudson merchants.

The results provided the following recommendations for improvements to the LDC.

  • Simplify the LDC, make it easier to navigate, and improve its organization
  • Improve code enforcement
  • Promote a variety of housing types
  • Allow flexibility in garage orientation
  • Employ more charts, tables, and visual aids
  • Include regulations that will attract millennials, young families, and empty nesters.

PC Meeting
January 14, 2019

Begin review of PC request for additional information on the draft LDC.

PC Meeting October 22, 2018

Continuing discussion of Phase I - Administrative & Organizational Updates Items to be discussed include:
  • 1207-Zoning Development & Site Plan Standards
  • 1213- Definitions
  • Appendix B and C

PC Meeting
October 8, 2018

Continuing discussion of Phase I -- Administrative and Organizational Updates. Items discussed include:
  • 1204-General Review Standards
  • 1205-Flood Plain
  • 1206-Use Regulations
  • 1208-Subdivision Design & Improvements/Dedication Standards
  • 1211-Growth Management Residential Development Allocation
  • 1212-Appeals & Enforcement

PC Meeting
September 24, 2018

Began discussions of Phase I --Administrative and Organizational Updates. Relevant documents: