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Posted on: July 23, 2019

City Hall Renovations Include Community Rooms for Residents

Meeting Rooms

HUDSON, OH (July 23, 2019) – One of Council’s strategic goals has been to build or purchase a facility to house all City administration functions in one location and eliminate current leased space. The cost to build a new 14,000 sq. ft. facility (smaller than the PASCO building) was estimated at $7 - $9 million, plus the cost of land, adding another $1 - $3 million to that cost. Locations on Veterans Way were considered, but as certified park land, changing the use would be difficult. The Hudson Middle School was considered but eliminated due to cost and logistics. A Ravenna Street property also was considered but was found not to be a viable option. 

The Downtown Phase II location wasn't viable, as it would occupy highly valued land and generate zero tax dollars. The City could not recoup its investment, and it did not align with the original Comprehensive Plan vision to support current downtown businesses. 

Purchasing the PASCO building on Terex Road made sense. At a cost (land, building, and renovations) of approximately $6 - $7 million, it was a larger facility with space enough for community meeting rooms – spaces badly needed in the City— at a lower cost. While not in the downtown, purchasing the PASCO building was a fiscally responsible way to acquire the space the City needed, while also providing for additional community use. 

Community Rooms for Residents 

There will be five community spaces on the lower level of the new City Hall building. One community room is a small auditorium space with approximately 50 seats. A smaller, 20-seat room will also be available. The third room is large enough for about 204 seats, with partitions to break the large room into 3 separate rooms with 72 seats each. These rooms are being renovated and will be available for residents to rent when completed later this year. The City will announce rental information and costs sometime in the fall. Sign up for the City’s E-Newsletter for updates at

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