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Posted on: May 14, 2020

City Council Workshop Highlights from May 12 Meeting

Council Highlights

HUDSON, OH (May 13, 2020) – At the May 12 workshop meeting, City Council considered measures to help local businesses and railroad quiet zones.

Hudson City Council continues to explore ways to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Council discussed measures to relax some code regulations regarding signage, permit expirations, outdoor sales/dining, and the possibility of creating a designated outdoor refreshment area. Final decisions will be made at next week’s Council meeting. Items considered included:

  • Relaxing enforcement of signage regulations including temporary window and ground signs. The time for the relaxed enforcement was not finalized but will be set to allow for business accommodations as reopening occurs.
  • To provide for temporary outdoor dining, the City would install picnic benches on the First & Main green, Merino green, and a few other locations to allow restaurant takeout customers to enjoy their food while still social distancing. Customers would be requested to clean up the area when they are finished and use installed trash cans to deposit their trash. Allowances for expanded outdoor, waiter service from restaurants is also being studied.
  • To help individuals and businesses that experienced construction delays due to the coronavirus shutdowns, Council discussed the possibility of extending permit deadlines through December 31, 2020 to eliminate the need to reapply for a permit for those that might have lapsed during the shutdown.
  • Council also discussed the creation of a small business loan program using the City’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to help small businesses reopen. The City is continuing to research the requirements for a loan program. Last night’s discussion brought up issues that could limit the businesses that could apply, and Council members expressed concerns about the effectiveness of the program with those limitations. The loan program will be discussed at next week’s Council meeting.
  • Council continued its discussion about establishing railroad quiet zones in Hudson, including options and costs for redesigning crossings to meet quiet zone requirements. The cost for crossing improvements at Hines Hill and Stow Road was estimated at $125,000.  Private crossings, such as the one on Barlow Road at Little Tikes, were also discussed.  Council agreed to begin the application process with Norfolk Southern Railroad with final determination about costs and the project being made next year.