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Posted on: January 28, 2021

Council Workshop Highlights from January 26, 2021

Council Highlights

HUDSON, OH (January 28, 2021) – Following is a summary of the Tuesday, January 26 City Council Workshop. To watch the full meeting, visit

Correspondence and Council Comments

  • Sunshine Week. Council announced that the League of Women Voters will be celebrating Sunshine Week, March 14–20. Sunshine Week is the annual nationwide celebration of access to public information and what it means for the community.
  • Plans for Widening SR 91 South of Stoney Hill. Planning Commission has reviewed the recommendations and is sending it back to City Council with recommendations. 

Discussion Items:

  • Parks Master Plan. The Park Board presented the draft Parks Master Plan to Council asking that it be approved at a future meeting. The Plan was created based on a citizen survey that determined the needs expressed by residents. In response to the input from citizens, the Board is recommending moving forward with building an area for tennis courts and pickle ball courts at Barlow Farm Park and a Dog Park at Colony Park.

    The Board also has been looking for ways to utilize Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club year round. They presented the concept of renovating the current clubhouse to provide for virtual golf year round.

  • Tennis Courts/Pickle Ball Courts. The Park Board is recommending 5 tennis courts and 12 pickle ball courts. They have discussed with Hudson Schools the possibility of using the tennis courts for the middle school tournaments. The initial cost estimate is $1 million.
  • Dog Park. Colony Park was selected because it has ample parking and access to a water source. The park would include two separate areas, one for large dogs and the other for smaller dogs. The estimated cost is $77,000.
  • Virtual Golf at Ellsworth Meadows. Virtual golf is popular and would help generate revenue for Ellsworth in the off season. The effort would be in conjunction with the Hudson Schools, and the schools would pay for a portion of the project. The idea was presented to Council to determine if Council wished the Board and staff to work on a business plan with costs and the return on investment for Council to consider.

Council discussed these items and wants to consider these concepts further before making any decisions.

Council also asked the Park Board to consider adding a sledding hill. The Board indicated that Hudson is largely flat, so dirt would need to be brought in. The Board will examine this further.

  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety. Staff presented information to Council about the makeup of the internal Traffic Safety Committee which reviews concerns expressed by citizens regarding traffic and safety issues. The Committee meets quarterly. They examine any issue brought to them from a resident. The process is ongoing and new items continue to be addressed as they come in.

    Recently, the Committee reviewed the following intersections and is looking at possible safety improvements. Those include:
    • SR 303 from Boston Mills to Roslyn
    • Clinton/Aurora/North Main 
    • Aurora/College/Oviatt 
    • SR 91 and Stoney Hill
    • SR 91 and Veterans Way
    • SR 303 and Roslyn
    • Stow and Hudson/Aurora
    • Herrick Park Drive

Staff is considering increased striping of the roads and crosswalks, adaptive signals, better sign lighting, targeted speed enforcement, and signal timing changes to allow pedestrians to start across the street before cars get the green light as solutions to some of these issues. The solution used will vary by intersection based on the safety concern.

The City is creating a webpage to provide more information about the status of traffic safety projects. Residents will be able to let the Traffic Safety Committee know about their pedestrian/bicycle safety concerns online. Check this “under construction” link in February for when it goes live:

  • Short Term Rentals. Council will vote on the legislation at next week’s Council Meeting.

  • Recreation Center. Council agreed to begin a discussion on the concept of a recreation center. Their questions included what does the term “recreation center” mean to residents? Is it an athletic center? A senior center or place for the arts?  Does it include a pool? Council will discuss a citizen survey to better determine the needs of residents for a recreation center on February 24.

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