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Posted on: April 29, 2021

Council Workshop Highlights from April 27, 2021

Council Highlights

HUDSON, OH (April 28, 2021) - Following is a summary of the April 27, 2021 City Council Workshop. To watch the full meeting, visit

Correspondence, Council Comments, City Manager Comments

  • Tree Commission Meeting. The Arbor Day celebration will be held on April 30th with a tree planting at the Middle School. Cicadas Brood X are coming, but it should not be a big issue here. It will mostly impact western and southern Ohio. Council thanked Jason Brumbach of the Tree Commission, Linda O'Neil of the Park Board, City Arborist Dan Burkholder, and resident Mike Forst and his Cub Scout Troop 3321 for donating and planting tree saplings in the parks. 
  • River Oaks Storm Water Ponds. The ponds were lowered which has generated concerns about the smell and aesthetics of the area. Council and staff will meet with residents to discuss the issues. The developer will be remediating the edges of the storm water ponds, and seeding and landscaping the area, including hiding the skimmer to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 
  • No Turn on Red. Council expressed concerns about a 12-year-old who was who was hit at the intersection of Library Street and SR 303. While he is okay, the increase in pedestrian and bike traffic in the downtown area is increasing potential safety conflicts at some of the City’s intersections. The major intersections such as SR 91 and SR 303 and the intersection at Clinton St. and SR 91 are being reviewed as part of the adaptive signal and pedestrian safety study that staff is working through. In the meantime, there are several intersections that the addition of a No Right Turn on Red sign could improve safety without any major changes to the signal or the intersection design. These intersections include:
    1. Library St. and SR 303
    2. SR 91 and Prospect St.
    3. Atterbury Blvd. and SR 303
    4. North and South Hayden Pkwy. and SR 303

Council asked staff to prepare a memo for next week’s meeting on the intersection of Library Street and SR 303 and the option of placing No Right Turn on Red signs there as a priority. 

  • Prairie State Energy Campus. Council asked that a Plan B for replacing Prairie State Energy in the City’s energy portfolio due to issues with that facility. It will be discussed in June when staff comes before Council to discuss the energy rate study. 
  • Refurbished Mechanical Items. Council thanked resident Fran Lecklikner for his efforts to repair mechanical items and donate the refurbished items to local schools and charities. He has donated more than 100 items to date which helps the organizations and keeps discarded items out of landfills.
  • Board Positions. The Park Board and Tree Commission have openings. Residents who wish to apply should do so by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 20.  
  • Founders Day Parade on Labor Day. Council discussed the suggestions of having a parade on Labor Day due to the cancellation of the Memorial Day Parade. The initial concept was to hold a Founders Day Parade on Labor Day. Staff indicated that because the City would be holding this event instead of an outside organization, the personal costs would be around $25,000 due to overtime and holiday time. Staff also mentioned that many of the downtown merchants are closed on Labor Day. Council discussed whether holding the event on Saturday, rather than on Labor Day, would negatively impact the Farmers Market. Council directed staff to pursue finding an outside organization to sponsor and coordinate the event with volunteers, which would cut the City’s cost. The Memorial Day Parade, for example, is put on by the American Legion, so the City’s costs are not very high for that event. Staff and Council will pursue finding an outside organization to hold the event before it makes its decision on whether to spend $25,000 for the parade or not. Council would like the event to be held on Saturday, so staff is looking at Saturday afternoon. The deadline for finding an organization is the end of May. Staff will send Council a summary of requirements for putting on this event that they can share with outside organizations. Interested organizations should contact the City Manager.

Discussion Items

  • Land Development Code Update. City Staff has updated and expanded the preliminary amendment list from March of 2020 to continue some commercial focus items but also to incorporate some proposed amendments focused on efficiency and addressing noted requests from Council and residents. Council reviewed the suggestions and ask staff to pull the following items to be discussed separately:
    1. Drive-throughs
    2. Architectural and Historic Board of Review Administrative Approvals
    3. Deck Skirting
    4. Setbacks from Wetlands
    5. Darrowville Vision
    6. Sign Code

Staff will prepare a summary for next week’s Council Meeting.

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