Who is qualified for the program?

Hudson residents 65+ (by December 31) and/or adults with disabilities without an able-bodied individual living in the household meeting the Homestead Exemption criteria through the Summit County Fiscal Office. 

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1. What is the Private Residential Driveway Plowing Program?
2. Who is qualified for the program?
3. Once I get my vouchers, how do I receive the service?
4. Will the City expand the program to more participants?
5. I am having difficulty accessing the application or unable to complete the application. Where can I direct my questions?
6. When will I be notified if I am accepted into the pilot program?
7. I have received my vouchers. When can I begin requesting service?
8. How do I sign up for the program?
9. What if I need more than 4 vouchers during the season?