What will the architecture look like?

The City is committed to maintaining the look and feel of the Western Reserve architecture and character of the downtown. The First and Main Development (Phase I) overcame unique challenges as the project was directly abutting the National Register Historic District. The Phase II project requires the same attention to design to ensure the final project looks and feels a part of the downtown.The same care and scrutiny that went into First and Main will be taken in the design of Downtown Phase II to ensure it maintains the quality and character of the community and our architectural standards.

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1. What is Downtown Phase II?
2. What is Issue 11 on the May 7 Primary Election ballot?
3. How will the proposed project traffic be addressed?
4. What will the architecture look like?
5. Who's paying for Downtown Phase II?
6. How will storm water from the project be addressed?
7. Will parking be included in the design?
8. Will my taxes go up because of Downtown Phase II?
9. Has the City considered putting a City Hall, Rec Center or park in the development?
10. What is Tax Increment Financing (TIF)?
11. Will there be Section 8 housing?
12. What's the status of the Windstream property at 94 Owen Brown?