How will the proposed project traffic be addressed?

An existing conditions traffic study was performed that will used to compare to a final traffic study that will be performed once the proposed scale and uses are better established. We have just completed the initial citizen engagement portion of the project. We now will take those comments and work with the developer to a create a more detailed concept for the project.  Only after we have a better picture of what it could include, can we do a traffic impact study that will realistically show the possible traffic impacts of the development on the surrounding neighborhoods.

The City also is focused on any potential impact the development might have on traffic in surrounding neighborhoods. Our goal is to preserve the charm of streets like Owen Brown through traffic calming techniques. Many options are being discussed – such as adding a green space boulevard at Owen Brown and Morse Roads to discourage through traffic, adding brick-paved streets, realigning the Village Way and Morse Road to encourage traffic to flow through First and Main, possibly one-way traffic certain areas, a slightly raised multipurpose trail, and other options. No decisions have been made about any of the these suggestions, and won't be made until we are much further along in the project. The City also is examining ways to improve the railroad underpass on Owen Brown Street.

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4. How will the proposed project traffic be addressed?
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