Will the project incorporate environmental sustainability?

The development project will provide significant support to Hudson’s existing environmental protection efforts. Concentrating development within these existing brownfield sites addresses the community need for additional housing and office space without impacting greenfield sites located outside of the downtown area. The project will preserve woods and wetlands north of the site and a conservation easement east of Morse Road. It also will incorporate a multipurpose trail greenway to connect downtown to the Summit County Hike and Bike trail system. Many smaller pocket parks and passive green spaces will be in the design to encourage walking and recreational opportunities. Several demonstrated green technology projects are being considered that could provide environmental benefit and serve as an educational resource. Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments of the project site have been completed. Only isolated amounts of soil and contaminants have been identified for removal from the property that were a result of the decades-long light industrial activities on the site.

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1. What is the proposed timeline for the development project?
2. How will the Phase II development blend with First and Main and the surrounding neighborhoods?
3. Is the proposed development viable in today's market?
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5. What is the City paying for? What is Testa Companies paying for?
6. Will the project include rental units and single-level housing units within multistory buildings?
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11. Will the project incorporate environmental sustainability?
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