Will parking be included in the design?

The City has created a parking committee, comprised of City staff, downtown merchants and other key individuals to study parking concerns in the current downtown area and the future needs for the development. We will perform a parking study, most likely in the 4th quarter of 2017. Until the Concept Plan is finalized, we can't accurately determine the future parking needs.  

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1. What is the proposed timeline for the development project?
2. How will the Phase II development blend with First and Main and the surrounding neighborhoods?
3. Is the proposed development viable in today's market?
4. How will the proposed project traffic be addressed?
5. What is the City paying for? What is Testa Companies paying for?
6. Will the project include rental units and single-level housing units within multistory buildings?
7. What types of residential and office uses are being proposed?
8. How will storm water from the project be addressed?
9. What is a developer's agreement and what are the terms?
10. Will parking be included in the design?
11. Will the project incorporate environmental sustainability?
12. How tall will the building be?
13. Has the City considered putting a City Hall, Rec Center or park in the development?