What is Downtown Phase II?

Downtown Phase II has been the vision of City leaders – and residents – for many years. It was born out of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan to restore industrial sites in downtown Hudson and return it to its economic prominence. Completed in 2004, Phase I transformed the Morse Controls site into First and Main with retail, office, housing and green space. Building on the success of First and Main, Downtown Phase II will revitalize the remaining 20 acres of industrial properties (Windstream, Hudson Public  Power and School Bus Garage) into Class A office space  and housing for empty nesters and young professionals. 

With Downtown Phase II, people can live, work, and play downtown. The offices and homes built on the property will bring in new tax revenues for the City and the Hudson schools, and it will bring new customers to support the current downtown stores and restaurants.

Here's what's planned for Downtown Phase II:

  • 135,043 sq. ft. of Class-A office space
  • 73-75 townhome units
  • 50 condominium flats (1st floor masters)
  • 300-space parking structure hidden behind offices
  • Green space and pocket parks
  • Architecture that blends with First and Main and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Connections to Hudson's bike and hike trails
  • Smart technology
  • Traffic calming and control measures

For more information, visit Project Description.

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